Dell R420服务器中,比较经常出现idrac无法连接,或者连接用户数超限(RAC0218错误)的问题,升级iDrac卡firmware至1.57.57即可解决。 该版本的bug fix中提到过一点: Fix for issues that cause iDRAC7 sluggish responsiveness after a prolonged period of time (approx. 45-100 days, depending on the usage). In some cases, if the iDRAC is not reset, the iDRAC may become unresponsive and requires a server AC Power on reset. This issue was introduced in firmware release 1.50.50 and fixed in 1.56.55. RAC0218: The maximum number of user sessions is reached. 2种临时解决方法(idrac重新初始化)