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libvirt 4.5 virModuleLoadFile:53

CentOS 7.5.1804的libvirt从3.9升级至4.5时,无法启动,报错如下: error : virModuleLoadFile:53 : internal error: Failed to load module ‘/usr/lib64/libvirt/storage-backend/’: /usr/lib64/libvirt/storage-backend/ undefined symbol: rbd_diff_iterate2 详细报错如下: [root@localhost ~]# libvirtd -v 2019-01-15 08:56:53.433+0000: 34181: info :


不用连接池的MySQL连接方法 import MySQLdb conn= MySQLdb.connect(host='',user='root',passwd='password',db='DB_test',port=3306) cur=conn.cursor() SQL="select * from table_test" cur.execute(SQL) r=cur.fetchall() cur.close() conn.close() 用连接池后的连接方法 import MySQLdb from DBUtils.PooledDB import PooledDB pool = PooledDB(MySQLdb,5,host='',user='root',passwd='password',db='DB_test',port=3306) #5为连接池里的最少连接数 conn = pool.connection() #以后每次需要


一般使用curl请求自定义IP地址并且指定HOST的话可以这样。 curl -H 'Host:' 但是如果你需要请求的地址是HTTPS就不行了 $ curl -H 'Host:' curl: (51) Unable to communicate

Golang之command line flag笔记

示例代码,仅供参考 package main import ( "fmt" "flag" ) func main() { // golang的flag包的一些基本使用方法 // 待使用的变量 var id int var name string var male bool // 是否已经解析 fmt.Println("parsed? = ", flag.Parsed()) // 设

analysing java core dump

In this post, I will show you how you can debug a Java core file to see what caused your JVM to crash. I will be using a core file I generated in my previous post: Generating a Java Core Dump. There are different ways you can diagnose a JVM crash, listed below: The hs_err_pid log file When a fatal error occurs in the JVM, it produces an error log

Error: 500 OOPS: priv_sock_get_cmd [SOLVED]

Troubleshooting seccomp filter sanboxing with vsftpd 3.0.x The following error may occur on ftp clients with vsftpd 3.0.x: 500 OOPS: priv_sock_get_cmd This is caused by seccomp filter sanboxing, which is enabled by default on amd64. To workaround this issue, disable seccomp filter sanboxing: echo 'seccomp_sandbox=NO' >> vsftpd.conf service vsftpd restart For further information, refer to Red Hat bug #845980.